Etutor.iCass (iPad Version)
Steps to Download and Activate Content of Etutor.iClass
1.  Please access App Store with iPad, download Etutor.iClass App.
请用iPad登录App Store , 下载Etutor.iClass App。
2.  Upon successful download and installation, iClass icon will appear on the screen of your iPad. Tap on the icon to activate your ID.
3.  Fill in the Activation ID and Password, and then tap on “Login” to Start the activate content.
4.  Fill in the registration details, and then tap on “Next” to complete the registration process.
5.  Tap on the selected level. Tap “Next” activation successful.
6.  Activation successful. You may now access to content of Etutor.iClass programme.
If you encounter download or installation problem, please refer to:

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