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Etutor Learning

  • Etutor Learning is the ultimate and most comprehensive Chinese/English learning app that you can find. The program is designed to include comprehensive learning materials on your device, you can access the full content quickly and smoothly, to deliver great learning efficiency.
  • Etutor Learning is targeted towards each preschool, primary/grade level learners and it allows them to learn Chinese/English at their own pace. The approach used by Etutor Learning for learning Chinese/English is simple, refined and distinct.
  • Etutor Learning also provides language educators and learners with a multi-media learning community and comprehensive authentic ready-made materials for in-class teaching, as well as after school assignments for Chinese/English programs.
Etutor.Learning (iPad Version)
Steps to Download and Activate Content of Etutor Learning
1.  Please access App Store with iPad download Etutor Learning App.
请用平板电脑登录App Store , 下载Etutor Learning App。
2.  Upon successful download and installation, Etutor Learning App icon will appear on the screen on your iPad screen.
Tap on the icon to activate your content.
下载完成后,屏幕上将显示Etutor Learning App图标。点按图标,进入内容激活页面。
3.  Please fill in the Activation ID and Password, tap on “Login” to activate the Etutor Learning App content.
正确填写激活账号和密码,点按 Login ,激活Etutor Learning App学习内容。
4.  Fill in the registration details, and tap on “Next” to complete the registration process.
正确填写注册表格资料,点按 Next ,完成注册。
5.  Tap on the selected level. Tap “Next” to complete the activation.
点按您选择的年级,点按 Next 完成激活。
6.  Activation successful. You may now access to the content of Etutor Learning programme.
If you encounter download or installation problem, please refer to:
Android Tablet Version
Etutor.iClass is an offline downloaded comprehensive curriculum package sync with MOE syllabus, integrating curriculum, pedagogy and assessment to enhance Chinese learning. It integrates traditional education model with tablet technology, animation and e-learning functions.
Etutor.iClass Free Demo Download
Etutor.iClass Content for Android tablet
Please select the Etutor.iClass APK level that you would like to download. Tab the icon to star download. Etotor.iClass APK is best for branded Tablet PC,9.7 , 4 : 3 screen. Fully tasted on Galaxy Tab S2. Before downloading the full Etutor.iClass programme, please download the above Trial version content, and ensure the Trial version runs well in your Table PC.
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