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Etutor.iClass is an offline downloaded comprehensive curriculum package sync with MOE syllabus, integrating curriculum, pedagogy and assessment to enhance Chinese learning. It integrates traditional education model with tablet technology, animation and e-learning functions.
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Etutor.iClass Content for Android tablet
Please select the Etutor.iClass APK level that you would like to download. Tab the icon to star download. Etotor.iClass APK is best for branded Tablet PC,9.7 , 4 : 3 screen. Fully tasted on Galaxy Tab S2. Before downloading the full Etutor.iClass programme, please download the above Trial version content, and ensure the Trial version runs well in your Table PC.

· full year 20 issues.
· Diversified and interesting reading content, meeting curriculum learning needs.
· Enhance all round language skills and ability with task-driven reading activities.
· Mastering listen· Integrate language skills training such as oral examinations, listening, writing, and comprehension skill through reading and activities.
· Enhance all round language skills and ability with task-driven and interactive post-reading activities.
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